Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano

The cold weather that hit much of the US and Europe over Winter was not proof of a great global warming scam. Nor is the theory of Climate change a conspiracy for global governance. In the past half-century, temperatures have been rising. Yet the climate “skeptics” refer to short-term events such as snowmageddon to outline their case.

That is why Greenopolis is hesitant to report acts of nature as if they are directly linked to climate change/global warming trends. However, this morning the world awoke to extreme landslides in Brazil, devastating storms in South Asia, earthquakes in China and this Volcano eruption in Iceland.

The impact that landslides, storms, earthquakes and volcanoes have on communities across the world reminds us all just how important it is to understand even the slightest of changes to our environment. For now though, sit back in awe at this amazing sight at Eyjafjallajökull (pronounced AY-uh-full-ay-ho-ku). It is a once in an every two hundred year event:



With everyone from Donald Trump to Rod Liddle questioning the validity of climate change on the back of the recent cold snap, Left Foot Forward offers a sober riposte.   

Think Progress also reports on the fact that whilst a ‘snowmageddon’ may have hit the east coast of the United States, things are very different elsewhere. On the Winter Olympics:

After the warmest January in Vancouver history, organizers moved more than 5,000 cubic meters of snow onto…helicopter and truck from nearby mountains. Some 750 workers are bringing in snow and building courses before competition starts on Saturday.

Of course this does not in itself prove that the planet is warming. It can be seen as an anomaly. A one-off. Much like ‘snowmageddon’. But when this is taken into account the Trump/Liddle climate change denial brigade begin to look slightly ridiculous.