Green links

Courtesy of Climate Progress and Bill Becker, this cartoon on Nimbyism.


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Treehugger – What does the Green Party election win in Germany mean?

HuffPo – Obama sets goal to reduce oil imports

Here are two sites also worth checking – the SustainAbility blog and The PERColator.


Stewart Brand on Nuclear Power

Fascinating short interview with Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalog. In his recent book, An Eco-Pragmatist Manifesto, Brand calls for many more nuclear power stations to be built. Watch the video to find out why he thinks this is a solution, rather than a hindrance to the fight against climate change:

Compelling viewing. But isn’t Brand missing something? Doesn’t nuclear power produce carbon? Isn’t nuclear power a safety and health hazard?

Brand certainly raises some important points – many of which we are still very far from consensus.  I’m still unsure as to where I stand on the nuclear versus renewables debate. However, I do admire Brand’s pragmatism on issues as contentious and shrouded in misinformation as the nuclear debate is.