‘Green’, or ‘green’

This may come across as rather pedantic, but it’s annoying nonetheless so I shall run with it.  I keep (inadvertently) clicking on links on my twitter feed that take me to Green Party press releases or the latest partisan article written by their leader, Caroline Lucas. Why? Because people keep on posting links with descriptions such as ‘the green case for voting reform’, or ‘the green case for nuclear’.

This is annoying. The Green Party of England & Wales do not have a monopoly over the term ‘green’. As I said in a tweet earlier today: ‘@davidmentiply Please be explicit when [making a] party political point.’ Otherwise, it comes across as though the Green Party/their leaders are speaking on behalf of other self-identified greens who happen to be non-aligned or of another party altogether.  I’m sure we agree on a lot of issues but, similarly, there are many cases where we do not. For clarity, let’s try not to blur the lines if we can help it.