Five from the Web

Forty years ago this 22 April, Earth Day was first celebrated by 20 million Americans. Visit to see how you can get involved in 2010.

An article in Treehugger looks at the energy impact of Twittering. How much does each Tweet cost in carbon footprint terms?

According to the Times, one side effect of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano has been that carbon emissions have been cut dramatically over the past five days.

The Telegraph reports how the LibDem leader, Nick Clegg, today commited £3bn for a green jobs revolution.

And finally, Mark Lynas vowes to practise what he preaches.

Earth Day 2010

All over the world today at 20:30hrs local time the lights will go out in large public buildings and famous landmarks. Citizens of the world can also unite! Turn off your telly and lamps for an hour and get those candles out from the back of your drawer. And don’t forget to turn off the kettle.