A black hole at Dale & Co.?

Contributors to Dale & Co., the new collaborative current affairs blog, might have editorial independence over their articles but it doesn’t look as though many of them have an inclination towards discussing the ‘greatest challenge’ facing the world today, climate change.

In fact, after three weeks and hundreds of posts from hundreds of contributors from across the political spectrum, climate change has barely registered as an issue at all.

There was a post by ‘wine expert’ and self-styled ‘environmental entrepreneur’ Jerry Lockspeiser, lamenting how the wine industry may suffer due to global warming.

Another post under the ‘climate’ category looked at Christopher Monckton’s recent trip down under. It is written by Shane Stone, a name within the Australian Liberal Party, who praises Monckton and recommends he be appointed to the House of Lords. That’s the same ‘eccentric’ Christopher Monckton who disputes that there is a correlation between increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change.

To his detractors, Monckton is referred to as an irrational ‘denier’. To his allies, he is a rational ‘skeptic’. I subscribe to neither of these labels. I find both to be crude and misleading.

I highlight the two labels to demonstrate just how polarised the climate debate is at present. It is this polarisation that has fed the mistrust of many environmentalists. We monitor the mainstream media with beady eyes and try to call out misrepresentation of climate data whenever we see it.

So, I apologise in advance if this post reads as slightly neurotic, but I am genuinely curious as to whether there is an editorial decision at Dale & Co to marginalise climate change as an issue.


5 thoughts on “A black hole at Dale & Co.?

  1. There is no such decision. It’s just that our authors havent chosen to write about it in any great numbers. That’s their choice. I have never asked them to write about anything. They write about whatever takes their fancy.


    1. Thanks for the response. I appreciate the website grants editorial independence and you are not asking authors to write about a specific subject. But when initially commissioning the authors did you not have some idea what they would tend to want to write about? You have an array of contributors with different interests but, it seems, very few who show an interest in issues around climate change. A shame.

  2. No. I didn’t have a checklist of subjects. I wanted an interesting array of people, rather than necessarily insist that they cover the full gamut of politics. I suspect that once the issue comes into the headlines people will write about it a bit more. But if you go down the Dog & Duck, I suspect you’d get a similar number of people talking about it tonight!

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