5 Ways to save climate change…

…from becoming yesterday’s news…

Speak in plain English. We have to stop being a closed shop and start talking to people. That means fewer acronyms and clearer explanations of scientific terms and concepts. After all, many newspaper readers will only give an article a cursory glance before deciding whether or not to read it in full. If it is littered with terms like Carbon capture and storage (CCS) or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), they may flick straight to the next page.

Listen, engage and do not judge others for the decisions they make. People choose to shop in large multinational supermarkets because they are cheap and convenient. Buying fresh, organic, free-range produce from the local farmers’ market is simply not an option for most people.

Keep it real. Statistics, percentages and diagrams are important, but what about the human element? How will the figures represented in the graph affect me and my world?

Be practical. Talking in abstract terms about climate change can be difficult to relate to. How can people make a difference either as individuals, communities or as part of larger organisations?

Emphasise the positives. There is a sense of climate fatigue. This isn’t because people don’t care, but they have been overwhelmed by stories of flooding, drought and melting icecaps. For good measure, report and analyse green success stories.


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