Green five

The Big Issue #947The power of the New Society: Coming together. Consuming together. Campaigning together’ is no longer available from street vendors. But you can purchase a back copy by clicking here. It has an interesting double page feature from Rachel Botsman, she of collaborative consumption thinking.

In ‘Shaking the Tree’, George Monbiot reports that David Cameron’s “greenest government ever” presents the greatest ever threat to our environment.

Mark Lynas says it is time to stop arguing and time to start decarbonising.

James Delingpole rallies against the so-called Watermelons and what he perceives to be “efforts by green campaigners and their sympathisers in the EU to besmirch the name of shale gas in favour of their preferred (and – of course – disastrously expensive and environmentally destructive) power source, renewable energy.”

The Economist has a piece on Africa’s “soaring” population growth.


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