On blogging

I read this post last week on why it’s not yet time for bloggers to capitulate to Facebook. I found myself nodding along in agreement even before I had read the post. I certainly think the proponents of the ‘Blogs are Dead’  theory are premature. As Jon Worth points out, political blogs are simply undergoing a process of change. Whilst heavyweights such as Iain Dale and Tom Harris have stopped (Hopi Sen has also slowed down) and hobby bloggers have gotten bored, the mainstream media are stepping in to have some fun. Furthermore, the way of the future looks to be collaborative blogging.

The issue of collaboration is a murky one, however. A new aggregator site, The London Tribune, was recently set up. Essentially it regurgitated blogposts from multiple London bloggers (with accreditation) so that those with not much time on their hands could go to one place and have an overview of London news, politics and cultural stories/events. Some bloggers, such as the author of the excellent 853, took exception to what was perecived to be outright ‘content theft’. I did ask why he had taken such umbrage to his posts being aggregated but still no reply as this goes to press, so it were.

Intriguingly, The London Tribune site is no more. Try visiting the home page and you will be met with “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” A pity.


2 thoughts on “On blogging

  1. Hello – I took comments off the post because I didn’t want to enter into a distracting discussion about The London Tribune’s thievery.

    Quite simply, 853 contains a copyright notice after the last instance of content theft – MyVillage stealing posts for its ad-supported site. The London Tribune ignored it, and nicked my content anyway. It’s not flattering, it’s a pain in the arse to see posts I’d spent time worked on used elsewhere on a site merrily pimping its wares around Twitter.

    If people want to see things “aggregated” somewhere, they can sign up to Google Reader. They don’t need some charlatan to do it for them.

  2. Darryl, appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    I have to say, I find aggregator sites quite useful myself. And I am always flattered when my posts are acknowledged elsewhere (so long as a link to the original location is included). However, I respect your feelings on this matter.

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