Sunday seven

Happy May Day/Labour Day/Workers’ Day! Here are a few (totally unrelated) links for you to click on:

  • Environmental regulations are visible from space (Grist)
  • Why is Twitter moving to the downtown Central Market area in San Francisco? (also from Grist)
  • The China-Singapore High-Speed railway construction is underway (People’s Daily)
  • Trams are the future (Ecologist)
  • A four day ‘green car show’ will be held in London’s Battersea Power Station in September (Green Car Website)
  • Qatari Diar is to buy a 50% stake in the iconic, grade II listed building (The Peninsula)
  • It’s not only Battersea that Qatar is interested in. The Qatari royal family have taken advantage of the weak pound and have been buying famous London landmarks (the Glass Shard at London Bridge, Harrods and own a quarter of Canary Wharf) with a view to selling them on in the long term (BBC)

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