‘Green is the new red, white and blue’

Here is a trailer from a documentary called Carbon Nation. As you will see, it’s a far cry from the usual doom and gloom narrative of climate videos.

A note of caution: the idea that greening the economy will lead to full-employment and an age of abundance is, at the moment at least, pie in the sky thinking. It reminds me of film clips we sometimes  see from the 1950s or 60s where scientists and inventors predicted that future generations would be served by robots and enjoy four day weekends. I hope we won’t see a rash of climate ads and initiatives propagating similarly fanciful ideas today.

Nevertheless, I do like the fact that the documentary is upbeat. It celebrates green patriotism as ‘the new red, white and blue’ and presents commonsense, rather than hysterical, arguments for change.

This can only be a good thing.


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