The Week Ahead

It’s Earth Day. Not such a big deal in the UK but I understand it is more widely recognised in other parts of the world. Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones can’t stand the damn thing.

Tomorrow (April 23rd) is St George’s Day. According to 3 Guys on a London bus, the place to be is Leadenhall Market. There’ll be Morris dancing, ale, grub and folk music.

On Easter weekend, I give you Simon Jenkins:

As neighbourhood facilities such as the post office, the shop, the pub, the surgery, the police house, the branch library and the village school disappear, it is ironic that the one ubiquitous beacon of local community in a secular society is one that has stood since the middle ages, the church steeple. Its architecture may seem archaic, even alien. It might stand guard over a bleak cavern of a nave, filled much of the time with bats and ghosts. Its churchyard might be a gaunt, unusable waste, defying property developer and diocesan treasurer alike. But there it stands, a majestic, incontrovertible, everlasting fact – 10,000 Anglican churches alone are listed and untouchable.

Apparently there is a wedding being held at Westminster Abbey on friday. Opportune time for me to plug a certain campaign group.

And finally, in the week that silky Barcelona will face swanky Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League, news that La Liga’s unfashionable Getafe will be sold to the Royal Emirates Group. If the deal goes ahead, Getafe will rival Man City in terms of nouveau richeness. They may also have to change their name to ‘Team Dubai’. D’oh!


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