Have the Greens lost the plot?

There are many things I admire about the Green Party (I hope to blog about my favourite GP policies in the near future). For that reason the GP Spring conference, which is currently being held in Cardiff, is of interest. I think it should be of interest to others on the left and those involved in environmental activism too. After all, the GP is, naturally, at the vanguard of discourse and action on green politics.

But take a look at what’s going on in Cardiff (you’ll have to look at blogs such as this one since the mainstream media do not offer much in the way of coverage) and you’ll begin to understand why the GP is still on the margins  in the UK.

The Greens have passed a motion against the proposed High Speed Rail 2 (HSR2) project. This despite the fact that HSR2 will bring the UK in line with much of the rest of Europe in terms of highspeed rail transport. It will encourage regional growth and help to tackle the unacceptable north-south economic divide that seems to be widening. It may also act as a spur for many people commuting to and from major cities by car to change their habits and use the rail network. All good things, surely?

So, the question needs to be put – are the Greens serious? Are they in touch with the aspirations of people up and down the country?

Well, judging by another motion that was passed (‘against global capitalism’) I think the answer has to be a resounding No! They are beginning to sound like any number of far left sects in Britain who have been predicting the end of capitalism since before I was born. It’s a shame since, as I have said, the GP have a lot to offer in terms of practical policies and ideas for a more sustainable future.



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