Will Zac Goldsmith be joining the party of Attlee and Bevan?

Zac Goldsmith, Tory MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, thinks the British people “have it within them to rise to the challenge” of tackling climate change. According to Goldsmith, a multi-millionnaire aristocrat, “they have done it before”. In The Constant Economy, he writes:

In 1939, a whole generation fought what seemed like an impossible battle – and won. After victory, in 1945, that generation joined with an unprecedented, government-led mission to build a pioneering welfare state, which lifted millions out of poverty and revolutionized the lives of ordinary people. The disaster of war spurred us on to create new priorities, and build a better country. Today, the impending ecological disaster gives us the chance to rise to that challenge again.

Somehow I don’t think the coalition government is quite ready to rise to the challenge. Doesn’t Zac Goldsmith find it a little awkward being a member of a government that is so intent on undermining the foundations of our welfare state? Or maybe the preface to The Constant Economy was simply a piece of pre-election “progressive” rhetoric designed to appeal to the liberal middle-class electorate of his constituency.

So, to answer the question posed by this blog-post – probably not.


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