City Life

According to a new study published in the journal Environment and Urbanization, carbon emissions in cities are lower than in the suburbs.

The authors point out several emissions trends:

  • Dense cities with good transport infrastructure often have lower (per capita) emissions
  • Cities in colder climates emit more (per capita) greenhouse gases than those in warmer regions
  • Cities in low- and middle-income countries have a lower (per capita) emissions rate than those in wealthy nations.

Tokyo is one of the lowest emitters of any major city. Whilst the colder and more sparsely populated US states, such as Denver, emit well over 20 tons of carbon emissions (per capita), Tokyo’s rates under 5. According to the authors of the report, factors such as congestion charging and efficient public transport has kept emissions down in European cities such as Zurich and Stockholm.

Via The Infrastructurist and Grist.


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