Some very eclectic links

Damian Carrington – on how violent rhetoric in the US (the proliferation of the term ‘climate nazi’ is deeply worrying) infects debates around global warming.

Londonist – recommends a book called ‘I Never Knew That About The River Thames’ by Christopher Winn. If it’s anywhere near as good as his book on London I’m sure it’ll do very well.

NYTimes – has a piece on how the hikes in food prices may impact negatively on Britain’s attemptto be world leaders in growing low-carbon energy crops. Any article that talks about Asian Elephant grass (miscanthus giganteus) is worth its weight in gold in my books.

People and Planet – I’m pleased that my old uni (Sheffield since you ask) is blazing a trail and taking on the bottled water industry. Keep up the pressure P&P!

Last but not least, it was today, in 1776 Thomas Paine published Common Sense. Paine is deserving of a much greater profile in Britain. In the US he is recognised as a heroic freedom fighter who wrote ‘the most popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era.’ Paine was a truly great British radical who wrote without pretensions. He abandoned ‘high-philosophy’ and Latin terminology  (all the rage in enlightenment literature and intellectual circles across the European continent) in favour of plain speaking. He was a patriot who spoke out against the injustices of British colonialism and for American independence.

You can read Common Sense here.


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