The Netroots conference made its UK debut on Saturday. By all accounts, it went spiffingly. I had a ticket but unfortunately couldn’t make it on the day. A blessing in disguise perhaps?

A couple of days before the event, I did begin to question what I was letting myself in for. I tweeted something along the lines of: “Will I be the only one @Netroots without a laptop or blackberry?” Y’see, I was slightly concerned it would be a) full of geeky male bloggers (like me) b) from the south-east (check) c) who were either aspiring journos or Labour party members (the latter, i can’t write for toffee). So yes, I was afraid I would be attending a conference full of people like me – my worse nightmare!

My main worry related to the laptop/blackberry thing. I don’t have either of these and nor do I have an iPhone. Now I thought I’d gotten rid of the chip on my shoulder long ago but it turns out when it comes to new technology, i’m still an old Stalinoid class warrior. Either we all have access to “apps” or we should none of us have access. Period! (I half jest).

Apparently, i’m not the only one who had reservations about Netroots.

It seems I share my reservations with a wide bunch of nutjobs. From ultra-sectarian lefties who accuse anybody (outside of their sect) who ever organises an event as being dispicable, carrerist, capitalist-lackeys and “self-appointed guardians…[insert political movement of your choice here]” to disgruntled northern types who mutter about everything being “London-centric”. I’m in bad company it seems.

I hope to make it to Netroots 2012 and contribute to the debate – not snipe from the sidelines. Hopefully by then I’ll have an iPhone to tweet from. Of course by that time there’ll probably be a newfangled piece of shiny electronic equipment that I won’t be able to afford. Grumble, grumble…


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