Hats off to Left Foot Forward. Not only is it the best left blog around but it practises what it preaches. LFF is looking for an intern to help with their work and are committed to paying the successful candidate the London Living Wage. They need to raise £14, 300. You can donate here.

I worked as an intern for a Labour MP in parliament. My travel and a lunch expenses were covered. It was a fantastic experience. It was, however, quite an eye-opener. Parliament is stuffed full of moneyed Oxbridge alumni. The home counties were well and truly over-represented.

I don’t come from a well-off or connected family (I was living back home with my Mum in a terraced house in south-east London). I was schooled in a large London comprehensive and received the full funding of my local council in order for me to be able to study at university.

But I was priviliged enough to be able to work for “free” for a few months after I graduated because I live within reasonable travelling distance of parliament. Plus, there were no paid jobs around at the time! It is shameful that those who are from outside of the capital or have no connections are denied the opportunities that I had. I back the Living Wage campaign and the work of groups such as Interns Anonymous, Intern Aware and Internocracy.


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