Netroots UK

The Netroots 2011 conference will take place Saturday 8 January at Congress House, Central London. It should be a great day. Liberal Conspiracy, Left Foot Forward, Labour List, Compass, 38 Degrees, Robin Hood Tax, TUC and False Economy will all be there.

This is from a Netroot press release:

Bloggers, tweeters and online campaigners from around the UK will be coming together face to face in London on Saturday 8 January for Netroots UK, a day of strategy, training and networking for grassroots activists.

The event comes as leading left wing bloggers look to be winning the popularity war with the more established right wing blogs, and as pressure grows across the progressive movement in response to the government’s programme of harsh spending cuts.

Five hundred online activists will attend a day of workshops and presentations, ranging from hands-on training in digital communications, to sharing good practice from other campaigns, as well as wider debates on the best strategies for progressive digital activism.

Sessions will cover topics such as building campaigns against local spending cuts, engaging effectively online with MPs, producing videos for the web, and using satire to spread campaign messages.

Linking together activists from the worlds of progressive politics, economic justice, international development, trade unions, community groups and more, the event is a first step towards a more connected and effective progressive movement online, echoing the groundbreaking work of the annual Netroots Nation conference in the US.

Tickets are only a fiver and include lunch.Register now.


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