Communal Blogging?

The other day I went to an open studio event at Second Floor. A friend has recently acquired a small space at Second Floor from which he can store and create his art work. His room is adorned with pictures and trinkets he has crafted and collected over the years. Since the studio is situated Thameside, his window offers a breathtaking view. This being Woolwich, it isn’t pretty. It has plenty of character though. Looking across to the other side of the river, one can see the enormous Tate and Lyle factory still puffing away smoke from its industrial chimney. To the left sits an old rusted abandoned ship. If you listen hard you can hear the DLR trains chugging away and spot the odd plane darting down onto land at City airport.

As I left my friend’s room and started to look around others, I felt quite envious. In the few months that Second Floor has been open (it plans to expand further still), a thriving creative community has sprung up. The doors of each and every artist was open and visitors were welcomed in to gaze up at their walls and share their thoughts. I am told this open-door policy is the norm. However, if one is hard at work and doesn’t wish to be disturbed….you guessed it, they close the door.

It got me thinking: why shouldn’t the political blogosphere open up a bit? Can you imagine if a few bloggers clubbed together and rented a room out at one of these new artistic hubs? It would be chock-a-block with newspapers, periodicals, wireless cables, magazines and dusty old political memoirs. Strewn across our desks would be dongles and empty Twix wrappers. We would debate late into the night with one another and re-charge our batteries every few hours with sugary machine coffee. Comrades, I have seen the future. Communal blogging!


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