Thames Barrier

Today I went to see the Thames Barrier in Woolwich. For those of you that don’t know, the barrier was built to protect London and the Thames gateway from flooding after the events of 1953. Work started on the barrier in the early 70s after the GLC (RIP) called for action to protect its good citizens. It finally opened in 1982 and the barrier has been lifted 119 times since then. It’s well worth a visit. You can finish your trip by going to the Anchor and Hope pub for a pint of Guiness (1 mile down the riverside path towards Greenwich).

One thing continues to get my goat though. Why oh why when I watch a video about a sciencey thing in a visitor centre do I always get the same old: “You can think of it as…… [insert non-sciencey thing here].” I can’t think of 12 football pitches or Buckingham Palace filled up with orange juice.  They aren’t and I can’t and I won’t.

Had a nice time all the same.


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