On Coffee

Over at the Guardian’s Green Living blog, Sheila Hayman has written a piece on the environmental cost of coffee ‘to go’. Apparently Costa Coffee alone uses over 100million disposable cups a year in the UK. This is wrong, on so many levels. If I were King for the day and you had to live under my regime, the first law I would implement would be compulsory sitting down when drinking coffee/tea. All hot beverages would have to be drunk from a nice delicate dinky cup. No ugly Starbucks sized buckets. No frothy vanilla frappacino things. That’s all.

Oh, and you’ve been warned…there’s a naughty word in the clip below from Curb Your Enthusiasm.


2 thoughts on “On Coffee

  1. Sheila Hayman is a descendant of Felix Mendelssohn! Also she is related extremely distant cousin of Karl Heinrich Marx!

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