Sunday Six

NYTimes – As India inches towards becoming a “superpower”, Pres. Obama invokes the image of Gandhi on his visit. According to the author, Mahatma can sometimes seem “to hover over modern India like a parent whose expectations are rarely met.” What would he think of the “new India”, driven by consumption and rapid urbanization?

Washington Post – looks at how Obama’s climate policy may have to shift after Republican/Tea Party gains at the midterms.

Yahoo/AP – on how NY city mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will promote the use of electric taxis. Bloomberg is the new leader of C40, a global coalition of major cities intent on reducing carbon emissions.

George Monbiot – in dispute shocker. This time with Stewart Brand. George freely acknowledges he has created an Ian Plimer controversy, mk. II.

Global Dashboard – on the power of Twitter. Every five minutes, a chatbot “will search Twitter for tweets that feature common, debunked arguments against man-made climate change. It then responds with its own Tweet, countering the faulty argument in question, and providing a link to published information from groups like NASA that backs up its case.”

bright green – reports on day 1 of the Scottish Green Party conference. Interesting read.


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