Who will succeed Ed Miliband (at DECC)?

It’s been said already but it’s worth saying again: Ed Miliband must stamp his authority as the new leader of the Labour party. He must not let his detractors define him with the ridiculous “red Ed” tag. He must state what he stands for, what his vision for Britain is and how he intends on getting there.

However, this poses a few problems. For as leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband has to be bold and look to the future. He cannot be seen to be in the pockets of the unions. Neither can he be seen to be a leader concerned only with single issues. Iraq, civil liberties and the environment are all issues Ed cares passionately about but he must begin to delegate.

As a statement of intent, Ed must appoint a high-profile member of the (soon to be elected) shadow cabinet to the Energy and Climate Change post.


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