Green 5

Gaian Economics – on the Green Party conference motion, “Living Within Our Means”. It seems the motion met stiff opposition. According to the author, the Greens are now “struggling with an influx of socialists” into the party. In other words, those who disagree with zero growth economics are old Labour dinosaurs. And i thought the traditional left was sectarian!

Candidate for headline of the day –  Denial is Not a River in Egypt, It’s a Political Party in America.

Btw: The U.S. Clean Air Act is 40 years old today.

Interesting article in Mongabay about the sacrifice of a tiny Pacific island, Kiribati. Maybe I can replace my Friday night Cod supper with something more sustainable.

Apparently Twitter is changing in order to become more user-friendly. Which reminds me that I should plug my own Twitter feed – you can find/follow/tweet me  @greensenblog


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