Sunday Greens

Welsh-born Australian PM, Julia Gillard, has set an election date for 21 August. Gillard will go to the polls trying to project an image of renewal as many Australians feel betrayed by her Labour predecessor, Kevin Rudd’s, lack of action in tackling climate change. NewsIndi questions how climate issues will play out in the election and what impact this will have on Labour’s campaign. The Sydney Morning Herald reckons the Greens could hold the balance of power in the Australian senate after the 21st and use this to further climate policies and reform the asylum system. Crucially, a psychic octupus (no, not Paul of World Cup fame) has predicted a win for Gillard and the Labour party. If Labour did manage to form a new government, that would be quite a transformation. Just a couple of months back it looked as though the Liberals were set for an outright majority. If only PM Gillard hadn’t left Wales all those years ago things could be very different in the UK right now!    

According to Brad Johnson of Climate Progress, BP is attempting to buy up independent Gulf Coast scientists with the intent of controlling the research being carried out concerning the oil spill.

According to the Guardian, the Treasury and the MoD are at war over how to fund Trident’s replacement. Interesting times. “Sources” have suggested that neither Cameron nor Osborne are “theologically wedded” to replacing the lumbering Cold-war era system.

Britain’s top green blogger Jim Jepps (he of The Daily Maybe fame) wrote about the French ban on the veil last week. He’s spot on as usual – the law will criminalise women for choosing to wear the “wrong” clothes. So i’m absolutely delighted that Immigration Minister, Damian Green, has not bowed to the supposed “overwhelming” public opinion that backs a ban on the veil in Britain. Green has stood up for the rights of all Britons to wear what they want, when they want and has refused to legitimise the nasty strand of anti-Muslim opinion that is all too prevalent throughout the mainstream media.


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