Green Five

The Beeb looks at the proposed Thames cable car to connect to connect parts of London in the build up to the 2010 olympics . Boris Johnson reckons:

A cable car spanning the majestic Thames would not only provide a unique and pioneering addition to London’s skyline, but also offer a serene and joyful journey across the river.


Passengers would be able to drink in the truly spectacular views of the Olympic Park and iconic London landmarks whilst shaving valuable minutes from their travelling time. It would also provide a much-needed enhancement of cross river options to the east of the city.

Adam Bienkov is not entriely convinced the plan will get the go ahead.

An article in the Guardian from over a week ago (i’m off the boil lately!) on the reasons the Australian Labour party ditched Kevin Rudd is worth a read. There is a clip from Rudd’s emotional farwell speech. Sadly, it seems Rudd will be remembered as the man who once boldly claimed climate change was the “greatest moral challenge of our time” only to then abandon his pioneering carbon emissions trading scheme.

Greenpeace is building a new Rainbow Warrior ship in Gdansk, Poland to mark the 25th anniversary of the day the original was bombed by French secret agents in New Zealand.

Rupert Read provides some interesting links for those interested in the “new ideology of ecologism”.


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