A world without air travel (and pre-sliced pineapple chunks)

In light of the Volcanic eruption in Iceland, Dan Roberts has a piece today in the Guardian about our reliance on aviation.

Iceland’s revenge on the world economy has given us a glimpse of a world without air travel. We are used to images of stranded passengers – marooned by terrorism, industrial action or perhaps just our overcrowded and underinvested aviation industry. But it is very rare for the skies to be scoured so comprehensively as this. As many people observed yesterday, the sight of clear blue skies without a contrail to be seen was strangely uplifting

…..The terrorist attacks of 11 September forced many companies to re-examine the resilience of their supply chains – but that was nearly a decade ago now, and the continued march of globalisation will have left many of them vulnerable. Climate change should force business to think more about the alternatives, but it rarely does. Greens should also celebrate this timely reminder of what the world might look like when the oil runs out.