Green 5

The Observer – Who will now lead the climate battle?

The Sunday Times – Wealthy landowners benefit from energy wind rush.

New Statesman – On water as a commodity.

The Oil Drum – On the potential of a gas crisis this spring.

businessGreen – UK ranks as one of best countries to invest in renewable projects due to government initiatives.


Earth Day 2010

All over the world today at 20:30hrs local time the lights will go out in large public buildings and famous landmarks. Citizens of the world can also unite! Turn off your telly and lamps for an hour and get those candles out from the back of your drawer. And don’t forget to turn off the kettle.

The good, the bad

Climate change needs art not propaganda – The Ecologist.

Sunil Sharan of the HuffPo looks at how to resolve the paradox of global warming.

The UK budget has announced a Green Investment Bank. What does that mean and what can it deliver?

Pres. Obama has added another Nobel winner to his science ‘dream team’ reports TreeHugger.

Is there an electoral advantage/disadvantage to be had in regard to the climate debate asks a Climate Sock guest writer on LFF.

India/SA in race for UN climate job – The Times of India.

New Moore Island/South Talpatti has disappeared beneath rising seas – BBC.

The 'Ethical Imperative'

“This 10 minute video presents highlights of an interview with Dr. Paul Raskin about his views on the pathways necessary to achieve a sustainable planetary civilization in the near-term future. Dr. Raskin posits that a global citizens movement and a Copernican shift in how humans perceive their relationship to earth are both necessary.”